Dianne Reeves at Royal Conservatory Koerner Hall


Royal Conservatory Koerner Hall
273 Bloor Street West


Dianne Reeves Dianne Reeves
Raul Midon Raul Midon


Dianne Reeves’s “three-plus, pellucid octaves, diva-like delivery, and intimate sense of a song have long made her one of the most compelling vocalists in jazz.” (Seattle Times) “She roams and explores, growls and catches at notes and phrasings. It is this audacity that makes [her] voice an awesome instrument.” (People) Raul Midón, the New York-based vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, unleashes a silky, soulful tenor, and flamenco- and jazz-infused percussive guitar style. "Raul Midón takes pride in extracting an entire orchestra of sounds from his guitar. At times it seems only his earnest lyrics anchor this gifted musician to terra ferma." (Rolling Stone)...
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